Franklin police looking for suspect who used cloned credit cards at Walmart stores

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FRANKLIN, Ind. (WISH) — Police in Franklin are looking for a man they say cloned credit cards and used them all over town.

Credit card cloning is a problem that too many are experiencing.

“It’s happened to people I know and people in my family,” said Raeann Moore, who lives in Franklin.

Kelly Glover added, “Somebody cloned mine last year and used it up at Walmart in Carmel. I think it’s ridiculous.”

Franklin police say it’s happening so often that they’re investigating new cases on a regular basis. On Wednesday on the department’s Facebook page, investigators posted a picture taken from surveillance video at Walmart in Franklin. It shows the suspect purchasing food and about $200 in gift cards using a cloned card, according to Detective Pete Ketchum.

“He was trying at least a dozen different credit cards until he found one or more that worked,” said Ketchum.

The card that was eventually approved belonged to a Carmel man, who called police after noticing five unauthorized purchases on his statement. All purchases were around $200. All were made at Walmart stores in Indianapolis and Franklin. Altogether, the suspect spent more than $1,000.

“I would say in most cases the suspects and victim do not know each other. The possibilities are endless as to where it occurred, why it occurred,” said Ketchum.

According to Ketchum, the information is typically stolen in one of three ways: credit card skimmers, crooks hacking into computers or somebody writing down the information, at a restaurant, for example.

Detective Ketchum advises people to check bank statements on a regular basis.

Contact the Franklin Police Department with any information at 317-736-3670.

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