The Film Yap’s Christopher Lloyd reviews “Beauty and the Beast” and more!

What did you think of the new “Beauty and the Beast?” The Film Yap’s Christopher Lloyd shares his thoughts!

Beauty and the Beast 

A wonderfully crafted live remake of the classic animated film, but it has no reason for existing. I’m not a purist on remakes, but there’s no magic to be had in mere repetition.”


The Last Word

A career capper for Shirley MacLaine, playing a cranky old rich woman who sets out to write her own obituary with the help of a local newspaper reporter. Hugs and life lessons ensue.”


The Sense of an Ending 

Jim Broadbent plays an irascible older man quietly playing out a lonely string when news from his past forces him to reexamine his life as a young man, and everything since.”


The Belko Experiment

In the “Saw” tradition where a sadistic murderer traps his victims and forces them to make terrible choices. Here it’s 80 co-workers who are turned against each other.



Denzel Washington directs and stars in this triumphant adaptation of the August Wilson play about a struggling African-American family in 1950s Pittsburgh. With Viola Davis. Buy It.”

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