Annessa’s Just One Thing: What to Eat Before Bedtime

Today’s Just One Thing health tip is the best food to eat before bedtime. First, if you’re trying to lose weight, not eating at least 2 hours before bed will change your life – it will help you sleep better, help you feel better, and help increase your hunger for breakfast in the morning.


But, if you need to have something, there is however ONE perfect food if you get hungry before bedtime.  That is 1 ounce, or a small handful of walnuts. Raw walnuts actually contain melatonin, the hormone that helps with your sleep cycle and circadian rhythm. They can also help lower bad cholesterol & increase good cholesterol, and reduce body fat around the midsections specifically. Now, to get these benefits, do 1 ounce – no more than 1/4 cup – daily, in the evening – for a month.


It’s so easy to fly right past the 1/4 cup serving size, so prepackage them in 1/4 cup serving snack bag, and keep that on the counter so it’s calling out to you to be eaten.


Remember, walnuts are free of carbohydrate – which great because carbs are exactly what you shouldn’t be eating before bed; instead these are packed with healthy fats which will help you stay satisfied, and they are laced with melatonin which will encourage your sleep patterns in the most natural way possible.


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