Restaurants offer special deals during Devour Btown

Visit the beautiful city of Bloomington and enjoy three-course, discounted meals for the next two weeks during Devour Btown!

No Coast Reserve’s Executive Chef & General Manager Seth Elgar highlights popular dishes Stuffed Trout and Vietnamese Meatballs, both of which are featured on their Devour menu!

The third annual Devour Btown runs from Monday, March 20 – Sunday, April 2 and features 15 restaurants offering three-course, value-priced meal.

Diners can make a night out of Devour Btown by taking advantage of special room rates listed in the Special Events section of the website. Also, Indy residents can take the GoExpress travel bus to Bloomington and enjoy complimentary wifi while relaxing!

No Coast Reserve Information:


Twitter: @nocoastreserve

Instagram: NoCoastReserve

Address: 105 N College Ave., Bloomington, Indiana


Devour Btown Information:


Twitter: @DevourBtown

Instagram: DevourBtown