Why your car should be smarter than you

It’s safe to say that technology is changing the way we live, and nowhere is that more evident than in our automobiles.

We’ve all seen some amazing technology in expensive new cars that have plenty of ‘WOW’ power for consumer. Now, however, there is affordable wireless iPhone technology that can connect most cars to an app that provides amazing services that can make driving safer and more efficient. Technology journalist Paul Hochman reviews the Verizon Humx App and device. He discusses many of its special options. Hochman has made a career out of simplifying complex technological issues, so that the average consumer can understand. He breaks down the ways that technology is becoming more important than ever when driving.

Hochman is best known as America’s Technology Reporter. He is the founder of Humongous Media, Inc., which makes short-format video content that helps people understand and use complicated stuff. He demystifies consumer products, financial services, apps, accounting software, appliances, home automation gadgets, even cars. Hochman was also the former Gear and Technology Editor for the NBC TODAY Show. He was also the technology and culture reporter for Versus TV and the Tour de France; the host of an online technology talk show on MSN called “Playit4Ward” and has been a longtime technology contributor for CNBC and MSNBC. His articles in Fast Company Magazine were called a “Must Read” by the New York Times, establishing Paul one of the top tech journalist in the nation.

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