Police officer fired after controversial Facebook post

(WLFA Photo)

BARTOW, Fla. (WFLA) – A Florida police department says an officer who posted a controversial comment on Facebook no longer works for the department.

Earlier this month, protesters called for Officer Christina Arribas of Bartow Police Department to be fired after a post made to her personal Facebook page where she called former President Obama a “gorilla.”

A citizen complained to the department about the post back in November.

The post said, “Yes!!! This year we lost two gorillas. One is in heaven, and one is moving out of the White House. One will be missed. One will not be.”

After the protests and news coverage about the post, State Attorney Brian Haas removed Officer Arribas as a state witness. Arribas was then placed on administrative leave with pay.

Now the police department confirms that Police Chief Joe Hall terminated Arribas’ employment with the department on Thursday. Minister Tilex Altidor is pleased the officer was terminated but still wonders why her questionable comments were not addressed.

“She was terminated because she received the death letter. It still hasn’t been addressed that she made references towards our past president as being a gorilla,” said Altidor. “Nothing, no press conference, no letter, no nothing.”

When asked about the police chief’s silence on the matter, Altidor said, “I don’t know if he thinks by taking the quiet route and trying to do everything on the back end to satisfy this community he’s supposed to be serving, but it’s actually agitating the community. We just want some answers, and it’s now the end of March and we still do not have a comment from the chief.”

On Sunday there will be a community meeting to discuss the situation with the police department.

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