Annessa’s Just One Thing: A Health Food Fit For Pregnancy

This week’s Just One Thing is useful for all of us, but especially important for expectant moms. So if you know an expecting momma, share this with her!

There is no time in life that nutrition is more important than when you are expecting! Nutrients take on a different meaning, because they’re not just important for you, but important for someone else. One of those is a certain little B vitamin called folate that has major impact in the development of your baby’s spinal cord and nervous system. When we are an adult, it is still used in our nervous system.

One of the foods with the highest amount of folate, that you can use to easily help you is chickpeas! (also called garbanzo beans). For the average person, one cup gives you 71% of the nervous-system helping vitamin. For an expectant momma, one cup gives you more than half the amount of folate you need in a day- and remember, your body best absorbs it from the food its naturally in! Plus, chickpeas have been shown to aid in controlling blood sugar which is another benefit to our pregnant moms.

Use them from a BPA-free source- or make a crockpot full of your own- then toss them on to any Salad, or even with a little garlic powder & a pinch of cumin & paprika as a snack.

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