Indiana lawmakers drafting plans to close cold beer loophole

Indiana lawmakers are drafting legislation that would prevent stores from selling cold beer. (WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – After an Indiana convenience store found a way to sell cold beer, lawmakers are drafting plans to close the loophole.

The general assembly sets policy when it comes to alcohol sales. It isn’t happy the state alcohol and tobacco commission gave a license to gas station company, Ricker’s.

House Speaker Brian Bosma said legislation will be introduced this week to stop it. Right now, Indiana law prevents stores from selling cold beer. Restaurants are allowed to.

Ricker’s gas station owner tells 24-Hour News 8 the legislation is unfair he plan to fight it. The owner said the company spent three months going through the process to obtain license.

It has a made to order food section at two of its stores. The owner said a hearing took place, and a board issued the license.

House Speaker Bosma disagrees with the decision. He wants it reversed, and doesn’t think Ricker’s should be “grandfathered in.”

House Speaker Bosma said his problem is with the board who issued the license. “This is an agency that has ignored history, has ignored the will of the legislature and has inaccurately, and incorrectly issued a license for something that the general assembly, who sets alcohol policy has said no to,” House Speaker Bosma said.

The Indiana Association of Beverage Retailers isn’t happy with the Ricker’s license decision. In a statement to 24-Hour News 8, the agency says Ricker’s is flaunting Indiana’s policy and thumbing its nose at the general assembly.

As for the agency that approved the license, it tells 24-Hour News 8 it declines to comment at this time. We should see the proposed legislation Wednesday.

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