Man steals McDonalds and Hardees coupons in Franklin Twp car break-in

FRANKLIN TWP, Ind (WISH) — In Crime Watch 8, neighbors say they have a coupon bandit troubling their subdivision. Police are now searching for the suspect accused of stealing fast food coupons and more. It happened late Thursday night in the Farhill Downs Subdivision off of Thompson Road near Arlington Avenue.

Jessica Pope’s surveillance cameras were on as a man rolls up on a bicycle. He leaves when he sets off the motion lights, but returns moments later after ditching the bike. The suspect walks up to one of her vehicles, gets inside, closes the door and makes himself at home as he rummages through her belongings.

“Almost like it was his vehicle, deciding what he was going to buy for lunch, going through the coupons, which was funny. He left the radio, the stereo, the change in the middle console,” she said.

He took his time, and after about six minutes he left. Pope says he got away with coupon from McDonalds and Hardees, a couple jackets and a bag of soccer equipment.

“I think it’s funny in the sense of his choices. But, also, very intimidating of how much audacity and courage that he did have when he committed those acts,” she said.

A few houses down Pope shared the video and pictures with her neighbor Jennelle Huntington.

“I looked at the picture. It did look like my son’s bike. I came outside and realized it was missing,” said Huntington.

Huntington took matters into her own hands. She went looking for the bike. She found something much different instead.

“We found the ax, the bike pump, a seat and some other things on the side of the road,” said Huntington.

Police have not said if there is a connection. However, neighbors have drawn their own conclusions.

“Coupons? I guess he must be really desperate,” said Huntington. She continued, “Please get a job and stop stealing from us.”

Within a few miles of the Farhill Downs Subdivision, three other people reported similar incidents. However, many aren’t reporting it. Police encourage everyone to report crimes, no matter how petty you think it might be.

If you have any information that could help in this case, call Crime Stoppers at 317-262-8477.

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