Muncie school official: Someone is trying to ‘terrorize’ us

Photo of Muncie school bus. (WISH Photo)

MUNCIE, Ind. (AP) — A school board member in Muncie says he plans to offer a reward for information about unsigned letters that could be considered threatening.

Robert Warner says the writer is a “coward” who is “trying to terrorize” school board members. The Star Press reports that members recently received three pages of a novel that starts with, “I’m a sociopath.”

Bev Kelley says she feels like someone is stalking her.

The letters started after Steve Baule was hired as superintendent in 2015. One letter asked for an apology. Some arrive through the mail but others show up without postage.

Warner says an out-of-state son is afraid to let his grandchildren visit Muncie. He says he’ll offer a reward to learn the identity of the writer.

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