Superfood salads and kid-friendly meals

Wow, what a feast! Today on Indy Style, Market District and OurHealth team up to bring us some delicious superfoods and a wealth of knowledge on how to take control of our family’s health. Happy Nutrition Month, everyone!

Easy and nutritious superfood salads

Recipe should include:
• Leafy green mix of iceberg, kale and spinach
• Nuts instead of croutons for an added crunch and protein
• Pre-cooked and chopped chicken for quick and easy meals
• Variety of fresh veggies and/or fruit for toppings (“color the rainbow” rule)
• Healthier cheese option such as feta or goat cheese
• An oil-based dressing

• Salads are a great way to pack a lot of healthy veggies and protein into one meal.
• Superfood salads can be used as an entrée or as a side dish.
• It’s important to familiarize all family members with healthy ingredients and salads are a great introduction to that.

“Build your own” concept for easy, kid-friendly meals

Recipe should include:
• Chicken, shrimp or ground turkey instead of ground beef
• Incorporate whole grains (wheat tortillas, brown rice)
• Beans and avocado for added protein
• Assortment of fresh veggies
• Salsa or guacamole instead of fatty cheeses or sour cream

• The “Build-Your-Own” concept is popular among families because each family member can personalize his or her meal.
• “Build-Your-Own” meals also work well for picky eaters, since they can choose the specific healthy ingredients they like.
• When making nutritious choices, try putting a healthy spin on a common family favorite, such as tacos.
• The “build your own” concept can translate into a variety of dishes, such as pizzas or salads.

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