Docs: Woman murdered after taking man’s van to go dumpster diving

Karl Woodall faces a preliminary charge of murder in the death of Stefanie Coulson. (Provided Photo/IMPD)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A woman was shot multiple times in the head and stabbed more than 30 times after taking a man’s van to go dumpster diving, prosecutors allege.

35-year-old Karl Woodall has been charged for the murder of 37-year-old Stefanie Coulson on March 27. Woodall was arrested days later.

Investigators said they found Coulson’s body dead in a bedroom in the 3700 block of East Pleasant Run Parkway North Drive just before noon on March 27. Crime scene specialists found three fired 9mm cartridge cases and a fired bullet with a 9mm size. One black latex glove on top of a layer of trash outside of the bedroom where Coulson was found dead. The glove was left inside out.

An autopsy revealed multiple gunshots to the head and more than 30 stab wounds. Investigators said evidence recovered were “consistent with a 9mm round.”

Witnesses said Coulson and another person went in Woodall’s van to go dumpster diving behind the Dollar General in the 2000 block of North Arlington Avenue, taking several shopping carts worth of food and merchandise.

Woodall allegedly told one witness over the phone, “Tell Stefanie if my van’s not back here in 10 minutes, I’m going to kill her.”

Another witness said Woodall stated, “You have 30 seconds to leave or you’re going to end up dead just like she’s going to be.” That same witness reported hearing a gunshot come from the house while he was leaving on his moped.

Investigators said a possible blood spot was visible on Woodall’s pants during an interview.

Investigators obtained a search warrant for a vehicle belonging to the mother of Woodall’s children. Drug paraphernalia, a shotgun, a large kitchen knife, a steel cleaver, duct tape, zip ties and a single black latex glove that was inside out, just like the one found at the murder scene.

Woodall has a pretrial conference on May 3. He is currently in custody in the Marion County Jail.

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