Seafood dishes for spring

As many Americans focus on fish for Lent — and others are just looking for new taste sensations —seafood dishes have been created to please palettes and wow diners. From the imaginations of the fresh fish experts at Bonefish Grill comes the simply delicious pairing of a Wild Orchid Hawaiian Martini and Seared Scallops. The easy-to-cook shellfish is combined with a light, fresh sauce that brings out the sweetness in the scallops and adds the right bite of sharpness!

Chef Brian Newlin shows us how it’s done!

Seared Scallops

o ½ cup Lime Tomato Garlic Sauce
o 10 each Scallops, large (10-12 pieces per pound)
o 2 tsp Sea Salt
o 1 tsp Black Pepper
o 1 TBSP Vegetable Oil
1. Preheat the oven to 400°F.
2. Place a medium sized, oven-safe sauté pan over medium high heat.
3. Season Scallops with Sea Salt and Black Pepper.
4. Add 1 TBSP of vegetable oil to sauté pan.
5. Sear the Scallops on both sides until caramelized, about 3 minutes per side.
6. Transfer Scallops to the plate and pour Lime Tomato Garlic sauce on top.
7. Serve with your favorite green vegetable and rice.
Ingredients for Lime Tomato Garlic Sauce:
o ½ cup Fresh Tomatoes, chopped
o ½ cup Sun-Dried Tomatoes, chopped
o ½ cup Dry White Wine
o Juice from 2 Lemons
o Juice from 2 limes
o 4 TBSP Garlic, minced
o 4 TBSP Sugar, granulated
o ½ cup Heavy Cream
o 2 tsp Sea Salt
o 4 TBSP Butter, cut into Cubes

1. Warm saucepan over medium high heat.
2. Place Fresh Tomatoes, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, White Wine, Lemon Juice, Lime Juice, Garlic, and Sugar in the saucepan.
3. Simmer ingredients 5-6 minutes while stirring. The mixture will reduce by half.
4. Add Heavy Cream and Sea salt.
5. Bring back to a simmer and reduce until sauce begins to thicken.
6. Add cubed Butter slowly while whisking.
7. Mix until fully combined.
8. Lower heat to keep warm or serve immediately over the scallops.

Wild Orchid Hawaiian Martini
Ingredients: Volume:
o Tropical Flavored Rum 2 oz
o Coconut Water .75 oz
o Simple Syrup .50 oz
o POM Wonderful .25 oz
o Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice .50 oz
o Pineapple Juice .75 oz

Combine all the ingredients and shake until chilled. Strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with an orchid for some tropical flair!

Grilled Mahi topped with Mango Salsa
o As Desired Salt + Pepper to Taste
o 2 – 4 Each 8 Ounce Mahi Mahi Fillets
o As Desired Amount of Mango Salsa (recipe below)
1. Lightly season the Mahi fillets and grill to medium.
2. Top each fillet with desired amount of Mango Salsa (see recipe below).
3. Serve and enjoy.
Ingredients for Mango Salsa:
o ½ Cup Red Onions – diced (1/4” x 1/4”)
o 1 Cup Ripe Mango – diced (1/4” x 1/4“)
o ¼ Cup Red Bell Peppers – diced (1/8”x1/8”)
o 2 Tbsp Thai Sweet Chili Sauce

o Peel and dice red onion (1/4”X1/4”).
o Peel, seed, and dice Mango (1/4”X1/4”).
o Stem, seed, and dice red bell peppers ( 1/8” x 1/8”).
o Place all ingredients into a mixing bowl and toss to coat evenly.
o Spoon ingredients into aluminum foil and gather the foil at the top to create a pouch.
o Place foil on the grill while grilling the fillets.
o Carefully remove foil from the grill with a pair of tongs, as it will be hot!!
o Carefully open the foil with a sharp knife; be careful, as hot steam will escape foil pouch when opening. Use while warm by spooning dollops over Mahi fillets.

Fresh Pineapple Martini

Ingredients: Volume:
Malibu Rum (Infused with Pineapple & Vanilla Bean) 2.5 oz
St. Germain Elderflower liqueur .75 oz
Simple Syrup .50 oz – .75 oz
Fresh Lemon Juice .50 oz – .75 oz

Fresh Pineapple Wedge

Combine ingredients in a pint glass packed with ice. Shake 20-30 times vigorously and strain into a frozen martini glass. Garnish with a pineapple wedge on the side of the glass.

Malibu Rum Infused with Fresh Pineapple & Vanilla Bean

Ingredients: Volume:
Malibu Rum 1 bottle
Fresh pineapple 1 or 2 each
Whole Vanilla Bean 1 or 2 each

Skin the pineapple so only the fruit is exposed, then slice into large pieces and drop in the infusion jar. Add your bottle of rum. Cut vanilla bean in ½ lengthwise and then take a spoon and scoop out all the seeds in the vanilla bean and add to your infusion jar. Drop the rest of the bean in the infusion jar as well and let sit for at least 24 hours. May let infuse for up to 36-48 hours. As long as fruit is covered in rum, then you don’t need to refrigerate, but you can refrigerate if you want to serve cold.

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