Potholes are creating obstacles for residents on the southeast side

(WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS —¬†Large potholes have dotted the alley of Hoyt and Temple Avenue on the southeast side of town.

The large potholes range in size, some being five feet wide and two feet deep.

Residents have complained about the miniature craters to the city leaders.

“I met with my city councilman to show him how bad the alleys were, he had to put his jeep in four wheel drive, we don’t have four wheel drive,” said Rachel Cooper, president of the Southeast Community Organization.

Currently the alley is on the city’s project list, according to DPW. Those within the department say the city does not currently have the funding for the project.

Pothole requests are logged and reported to the Mayor’s Action Center or RequestIndy.

Residents have tried to fill the potholes in by dumping rocks and gravel to cover the holes, but to no avail.

City workers work at feverish pitch to fix potholes on city streets. Residents are requesting the same attention.

“When it comes to paying our taxes, if we don’t pay then we have a problem, but we have to deal with and that’s a problem that’s a major problem,” said resident Travis Davis.

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