IMPD chief addresses recent violence, increases patrols

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department is stepping up patrols after recent acts of violence in the city.

Chief Bryan Roach is implementing new efforts and initiatives after four people were shot and injured in a downtown parking garage Saturday, and one man was shot and killed inside a home on Bates Street. Both of the incidents happened early Saturday morning.

“We want to send a message that we won’t tolerate people that think that illegally possessing guns or using guns to solve problems is the answer,” said Chief Roach.

“You don’t want to hear about it. It does make you question, you know, am I going to be safe when I go downtown,” said Jason Hignite of the recent shooting. Hignate used to work downtown and now frequently visits.

The chief said his plan will address that.

Additional officers will be working areas that have seen a recent uptick in violence, including downtown.

Commanders will have extra resources as they work to staff their district. There’s also a new initiative for increased collaboration between the investigative units of IMPD.

“So that those that are having or are involved in our non-fatal shootings understand that it is not just them that we are targeting. It is also anyone that they associate with,” said Chief Roach.

The department is also using technology to track and curb crime.

“We going to be analyzing social media, monitoring every public and private camera feed we have access to and relaying information to resources on the ground on suspicious activity and possible violent crime,” said IMPD Deputy Chief Chad Knecht.

IMPD leaders are asking family and friends of violent offenders to get involved.

“We would ask them to have courage. Reach out, assist those who are bent on violence to resolve problems, let us know about it,” said Chief Roach.

Some say there’s only so much the police can do, and they believe the rest lies in the community.

“I have nothing but great things to say about the police department here in Indianapolis, so I think it’s up to the people,” said Hignate.

The Marion County sheriff is also stepping in to help. A spokesperson for that department said an extra 30 deputies will be assigned to work the downtown area Saturday night. That’s in addition to IMPD’s increased patrols of both uniformed and undercover officers.

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