Bill to give Indiana Airbnb users protections fails by one vote

Indiana Statehouse. (WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – A bill aimed to give short-term rental users more protections failed by just one vote at the Indiana Statehouse.

On Wednesday, the House considered a proposal to block municipalities from imposing short-term bans. Earlier this year, Carmel enacted its own ban, and told users to leave sites, including Airbnb, or else face a fine.

Short-term sites allow homeowners to rent their property. Some Carmel neighbors though are against the idea because if creates a hotel environment next door.

State lawmakers however said this business is growing, and they wanted to address it. The bill never received overwhelming support.

Originally, it cleared the House by three votes. The Senate made changes, and passed it by two votes.

Since the Senate made changes, it required the House to vote again. This time, it couldn’t gain enough support.

“Of all the things we want to set a high bar of protections of the rights of the individual one is your personal property,” said State Rep. Matt Lehman (R-Berne).

“The fact is some of these small towns enacted these ordinance because it was negatively effecting property values,” said House Minority Leader Scott Pelath. “That’s why they had them and that’s why collectively they decided to have them.”

Had the bill passed, homeowners would’ve had to get insurance and only rent for half the year. It may have blocked local bans, but it still would have allowed homeowners associations to impose them.

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