Why men are more likely than women to seek out financial advice

To coincide with Financial Literacy Month, a new study asks Americans who we trust most for financial advice. One in five of us say no one!  Alarmingly, 21% of respondents said they do not have anyone that they would go to for financial advice.

The survey also revealed significant differences between how men and women seek out financial guidance. When it comes to topics like retirement planning, home purchases, savings or taxes, men are far more likely than women to ask for advice — and nearly a quarter of women (24%) revealed that they never had.

When women do ask for help, they are more likely to go to a family member, whereas men were more likely to seek advice from a financial expert.  But both genders reported most commonly relying on a family member for help in the event of a financial emergency.

Kurt Bock, CEO of Country Financial, encourages everyone to arm themselves with more personal knowledge about their finances. The first step to gaining confidence in taking the right steps towards a better financial future is learning how to decide who you should trust with financial advice.