DPW: reminder, clear debris from storm drains to help prevent flooding

(WISH photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — When it comes to flooding, it’s not always out of our control. That’s why the Department of Public Works is sending out an important reminder.

DPW is asking for everyone to do their part in removing debris from storm drains.

On 54th Street near Ralston Avenue, when it rains, it pours.

“You see, it just filters all the way down this way. So, toward the top of the hill. But, I mean the water just goes down hat way and collects,” explained Michael Abell, who lives nearby.

The water collects, and creates problems. One short downpour and cars passing through had to take it slowly to avoid hydroplaning. Blame mother nature for most of that, but neighbors bear some responsibility as well.

“It just collects down there because nobody really gets the debris and it clogs up the drain,” admitted Abell.

According to DPW Spokesperson Ben Easley, clearing debris from storm drains is the responsibility of neighbors and not the city.

“We’re really looking to the homeowners to make sure those storm water inlets are clear. It’s not something that the city comes out and does personally. We’re really relying on the neighborhoods to take care of that,” said Easley.

Easley says clogged drains isn’t a problem in Indianapolis, however, he wants to prevent it from becoming an issue.

“Take a look at the street right in front of their own house, that’s the part that we’re asking them, if you just pick up what’s right in front of your own home, that can help our entire system work the best,” he said.

Easley also added that the litter, debris and even chemicals that make their way down the drain end up in the water; an environmental and flooding issue.

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