Chef Wendell: Creating health with souped up soup

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Everybody loves a bowl of soup. Opening up a box or can of soup is a quick way to satisfy your hunger. It’s not likely though, that your favorite brand of soup offers you many vitamins minerals and fiber. No problem: ‘Soup-up’ your favorite soup by adding just a few refrigerator or pantry ingredients to boost your daily vitamin requirements.

  • Add frozen or fresh immune-boosting vegetables, including carrots and red bell peppers, health-promoting spices like turmeric, oregano, basil, rosemary, pepper, or garlic.
  • Cooked quinoa or brown rice-fiber, protein,.
  • Fiber-chia or ground flax seeds-fiber, vitamins and minerals, and omega 3 EFA’s
  • Drained beans: fiber, vitamins, minerals, and protein
  • Sriracha, pepper flakes or Tabasco.
  • Yeast flakes.
  • Add a garden salad and a slice of hardy whole grain bread and boom!

Souped-up soups:

  • Chicken soup: add fresh chopped raw garlic, frozen broccoli florets, peas.
  • Tomato soup: add slivered fresh basil or favorite garden herbs and quinoa (protein).
  • Italian Wedding: add more vegetables and raw garlic and Yeast flakes (B-Vitamins and protein) for parmesan.
  • Black Bean soup: avocado and cilantro.

 Please read labels:

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