After over 3 months, Rockville Road bridge to reopen

(WISH Photo/Logan Skidmore)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — It’s been a long time coming, but the Rockville Road bridge over Interstate 465 will finally reopen Monday.

It was way back on Jan. 10 when a truck carrying heavy equipment malfunctioned and hit the bridge.

“It’s going to be wonderful to be able to use that again,” said Rhonda Quintero, who lives near the shuttered bridge. “Rush-hour traffic is just backed up both ways. We’ve had to go down to 10th Street to get to 465.”

The crash in January was so severe that four steel beams were damaged.

INDOT crews had to demolish much of the eastbound lanes of Rockville Road, essentially forcing them to build an entirely new bridge.

Each of the beams weighs 70 tons and is 125 feet long.

Since the crash, Rockville Road had numerous lane closures. Both directions were diverted to the westbound lanes.

The on-ramp to northbound I-465 also had to be shut down because of the repairs.

The ramp will also reopen Monday.

“We have been waiting for it. It’s going to make the traffic move a lot faster,” said Quintero.

A ceremony is scheduled for 9 a.m. Officials from INDOT will be here. So will IMS President Doug Boles. Rockville Road is one of the main roads to get fans there.

With the month of May approaching, getting the bridge repaired was a top priority.

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