Wet weather prompts Hamilton County to fill bags, close roads and issue river warnings

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NOBLESVILLE, Ind (WISH) — Steady showers closed roads, flooded lawns and created dangerous river conditions across Hamilton County.

Last weekend, the region received several inches of rain which left the ground saturated, and water levels high. Thursday and Friday, rain returned, which prompted the county to fill hundreds of bags with sand.

“It’s flooded pretty bad right now, and it’s only supposed to get worse,” Noblesville resident Chris Caughron said. Knowing this, Caughron visited the county transportation building to find himself an extra layer of defense.

“This will actually probably save my house, and my sister’s house,” Caughron said. He’s not alone, as fast as crews tied bags, neighbors grabbed them.

“Approximately we’ve already given out a thousand sandbags since [Thursday],” Hamilton County Emergency Management Director Erin Rowe said.

As many as 24 roads closed Friday across Hamilton County. Homes and roads aren’t the only concern.

White River water levels are high, creating strong currents. “At the rate that it’s going, it’s a matter of seconds before they’re going to be in danger, and swept down stream,” Noblesville Fire Department spokesperson Todd Estes said.

Not to mention how cold the water is. “There’s a huge concern for hypothermia to set in,” Estes said. “But also, just how quick the water is flowing, we don’t want anybody out canoeing, kayaking, nor taking a swim.”

Caughron will be surprised if he doesn’t have to swim to reach his home. It’s not all bad though, at least help arrived pre-packaged, just ready to tow and go.

“We thought we were going to have to bag them ourselves,” Caughron said. It’s very convenient.”

The sandbags are still available at the county building located at 1717 Pleasant Street in Noblesville. Emergency personnel will meet Saturday morning and evaluate if more bags need to be filled.

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