Zionsville authorities seek help in solving city’s first homicide of the year

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ZIONSVILLE, Ind. (WISH) — Zionsville police are investigating their first homicide of 2017. Police identified the victim as 30-year old Terrell Scott.

Police say Scott, who was from Indianapolis, was spending the night with somebody at the Quail Run Apartments when he was shot and killed. Community members are not letting this steak their sense of peace.

On a typical day at Boone Village Barber, the sounds of buzzing clippers and trivial banter fill the air.

Ralph Stacy is a regular at the barbershop, “These guys are good conversationalist. Very much so.”

But on Friday, there was something more than just trivial banter on their mind’s.

“I actually had a man in this morning that lives below where the gentleman that was killed this morning,” said Boone Village Barber owner Mike Nell.

They’re talking about the deadly shooting that happened just miles away. Neighbors in Quail Run called police after hearing gun shots. Police say they arrived within minutes, but it was too late. Officers found Scott dead. Detectives stayed on the scene for about six hours, setting up an investigation center at the location.

Still, police made no arrests.

“Investigators are following up on multiple leads and potential eye witnesses at this time. Crime scene technicians are still processing the scene and analyzing evidence,” said Zionsville Police Chief Rob Knox.

According to Knox, this is the first homicide in the city of 2017, and there were three last year. They’re statistics that haven’t gone unnoticed back at the barber shop.

“It’s happening in our own backyard a little too frequently this year or two,” said Nell.

Joe White who is also a barber at the shop added, “These are random circumstances that sometimes occur. Obviously there might be a reason behind why this occurred in this place.”

Questions police can’t yet answer, and so the buzzing and banter continue at the Boone Village Barber.

“It’s something that many other communities have to cope with as well. We’ll get through it and make it a better day and a better community,” said Stacy.

Police are now looking for information on two white cars neighbors reported seeing. They’re looking for a Chevy Impala and Honda Accord, although they couldn’t give specifics in the vehicles.

Contact the Zionsville Police Department at 317-873-5967 with any information that could help in this investigation.

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