Crime Con to feature Midwest Search Dogs

It’s a celebration of all things true crime. CrimeCon brings the cases you love to life through immersive experiences, incredible guests, and a ton of mystery and intrigue. It was created for those of us who binged on Making a Murderer or who spend more hours watching Dateline marathons than we’d like to admit.

One local group you’ll find at Crime Con is Midwest Search Dogs. President Chelsea Gill gives Amber a peek into a team that’s dedicated to train highly qualified K9s for Search and Rescue of lost or missing persons.

About Midwest Search Dogs:

Midwest Search Dogs is located in Central Indiana and is a completely volunteer organization. We provide several search disciplines, free of charge, to assist Law Enforcement, Fire Departments, EMA, and Government Agencies in our community. Our team has individuals trained and certified to nationally recognized search standards, both K-9 and Ground SAR Responder.

About CrimeCon:

CrimeCon transports fans from the couch to the crime scene and into courtroom. If your idea of the perfect night involves alibis, motives, and a bottle of wine, then this is the event you’ve been waiting for. Grab a few true crime-obsessed friends and join us in for an unforgettable weekend.

CrimeCon 2017 will be held from June 9th-11th at the JW Marriott in Indianapolis. The program will begin at 12:30p on the 9th and conclude around 1:30p on the 11th.

The Midwest Search Dogs are just one of many guests you’ll find at CrimeCon. CrimeCon will feature guests Josh Mankiewicz from Dateline, Nancy Grace, Aphrodite Jones and just about every true crime podcaster.

Plus… WISH-TV is giving a V-I-P experience to CrimeCon. Just go to to enter.

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