Good Samaritan says he was robbed at gunpoint in Avon

(WISH Photo/Howard Monroe )

AVON, Ind. (WISH) – The Hendricks County Sheriff’s Department is warning residents not to open the door for strangers. This is after a violent home invasion.

It happened early Monday morning on Seattle Slew Drive.

That’s near 21st Street and Raceway Road, just over the Marion County border.

A man who lives in that house said all he was doing was being a good Samaritan.

But what happened to him and his family over the next 15 minutes has the entire neighborhood concerned.

“Wouldn’t think it’d be going on in this neighborhood,” said Donnell Owens as he mowed his grass.

The man who was robbed says a woman came to his door  just before 1 a.m. saying her car broke down.

She then asked to use his phone. That’s when he says four other men attacked him.

He said they held him at gunpoint for 15 minutes. He said they also held his parents at gunpoint.

Neighbors found out about the incident via social media.

“It was awfully scary. My son called me; he’s on vacation in Mexico and he called and said ‘Make sure you don’t answer the door,'” said Darlene Terchila. Her son was notified by the NextDoor app.

The urgent message came from the homeowner’s son.

He wrote that before the robbers sped off in a waiting car, a television was stolen, as well as two game consoles, credit cards, $2,000 in cash and jewelry.

“If it can happen to the neighbors, it can happen to us,” said Owens.

The Hendricks County Sheriff’s Office is now guarding the entrance to the subdivison. They’ve issued a warning telling people if someone comes to your door asking for help, don’t open the door and call for help for them.

Neighbors say they’ve seen sketchy cars recently.

“Somebody came to the house the other day with concerns saying neighbors have been seeing suspicious people around behind the houses and stuff at night,” said Owens.

The family said they didn’t know the robbers, or why they wanted to rob them. But the sheriff’s office said they don’t believe this was a random act and says the family was likely targeted.

The sheriff’s office says they’re still investigating.

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