Kids’ workout and Infused Water: Getting them to eat healthy and BE healthy!

Set the example. Be the example. When it comes to exercise, it’s never too early to teach our kids, and Jacque Bush, Co-Owner of Studio 317 Fitness & Cycling, has some fun ways to get the kids up and moving AND a creative way to get our kids to drink more water!

Setting Healthy Body Image in Kids with Fitness & Nutrition

➰Easy workout with kids

Masking tape line drills (side to side, hops, shuffle down and back, squats high five)

Use things you have like masking tape to create a line comes off easy

Outside use sidewalk chalk

➰EXPLAIN to your kids why they (parent) works out and lead by example – taking time for one self to be healthy Teaching healthy body image difference of healthy vs. skinny

Try to do something active together every day

We will have summer kids classes starting in June on Mondays & Fridays at 10:15am 30 minutes $8 a class includes nutrition information and a healthy snack

➰Lead by example for nutrition including hydration & the importance of drinking water.

➰Kids may drink more water if you infuse it and encourage them to help with the prep

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