Remembering fallen Deputy Carl Koontz

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Many law enforcement officers will gather in Washington over the next few days to honor those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Among those will be survivors of the fallen who will take part in events to honor them.

Kassandra Koontz is the widow of fallen Howard County Deputy Carl Koontz who was killed in 2016 while serving a warrant.

“Every year survivors come out here and honor their fallen officer,” said Kassandra Koontz.

Koontz never thought she would she her husband’s name etched onto the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial.

“His name got scripted on the wall probably about three weeks ago on the law enforcement memorial wall where there are over 20,000 names on this wall,” she added.

2016 was a deadly year for law enforcement. 143 officers were killed in the line of duty, some specifically targeted due to their title.

Saturday, a candlelight vigil on the National Mall in Washington was was held to remember and honor the lives of those who died while serving.

Koontz said even though it’s been a year since her husband was killed, she is still seeing support from those around her.

“I never thought Kokomo would come together like they have and they did. I couldn’t be blessed more than I ever have been by the community.”

The events over the weekend are also tied into National Police Week.