Derek Daly tells how Gasoline Alley got its name

Gasoline Alley is the lane hosting racers' garages today at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. (WISH photo)

The term “Gasoline Alley” is known the world over by fans of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, WISH-TV racing analyst Derek Daly says.

But how did today’s lane lined with the racers’ garages first get its name?

“Originally, it was actually Gasoline Corner,” he said. “There was a corner of the paddock that distributed the gasoline for the race cars.”

After some time, that “corner” was taken away “and the race cars were prepared on either side of an alley and it affectionately became known as Gasoline Alley.”

Today, gasoline is not even a part of the race. “Does that mean that in the mid ‘60s it should have been changed to Methanol Alley?” Daly said. “What about the 2000s, should we have called it Ethanol Alley? And let’s be perfectly correct for today’s society, how about corn-bred Ethanol Alley?”

Daly is presenting his take from the speedway and its races during the month of May leading up to the Indianapolis 500 on May 28. The former race driver from Ireland lives in Noblesville. Catch his comments on Daybreak or in updates on

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