Greenwood gets $1M grant to purchase homes in flood-prone areas

WISH Photo/Howard Monroe

GREENWOOD, Ind. (WISH) — Some homeowners in Greenwood will soon have to decide if they want to sell their home to the city.

“I’d be glad to sell. It’s just nice to get out of this flooded area,” said Bill Williamson who lives in Bomar Lane.

Greenwood was just approved for a $1 million federal grant to buy homes in flood-prone areas.

Eleven of those homes are on Bomar Lane and border Pleasant Creek.

“If they’re going to get bought out, why not while you got the chance?,” said Williamson. “I’ll be ready to get out and find somewhere dry.”

Williamson has lived in his home for 28 years. He’s just 50 yards from the creek.

“Once the ground is saturated this creek comes up quick,” he said.

He says the area has flooded many times, but the worst was back in 2008.

He said floodwaters were three feet deep in his garage and two feet in the house.

Because they’re in a floodplain many of the homeowners have to pay more than $100 a month on flood insurance.

Williamson says he’s thought about moving in the past, but says it’s hard to sell a house that’s prone to flooding.

“That’s why it’s a good time to get out while everybody can. If they were smart,” he said.

According to a city official, the city will appraise each of the houses twice and then will pay the average of the two appraisals. If homeowners are unhappy with the appraisal, they could also have their own done.

The city has two years to have this project complete.

Once the homes are demolished the area will be returned to green space.

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