Who killed Angela Wright?

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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — On July 14, 2016, a neighbor found Angela Wright’s body in the middle of the 3000 block of Nowland Avenue near Brookside Park.

Wright had suffered from a gunshot wound. When Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Detective Tom Lehn arrived Wright’s body was just a few feet away from a red pick-up truck, with the driver’s side door open. According to Lehn, Wright borrowed the truck because she was in the process of moving.

This was the scene on July 14, 2016 when Angela Wright was shot and killed. Police are still looking for her killer. (WISH Photo)

Two hours before the shooting, Wright and some of her friends were hanging out. Police have a vague timeline on what happened next. Lehn says that around 4:54 a.m., Wright is seen pulling onto the 3000 block of Nowland Avenue by a surveillance camera at a nearby school. The camera detects motion only, but the next time the camera cuts on at 5:02 a.m., you can see Wright’s body in the street.

Lehn says the camera shows nothing more – no suspects, no leads.

“Somebody saw something. Somebody heard something that could point us in the right direction,” said Lehn.

Wright, according to police reports, had a troubled life marred with addictions. It’s unclear if her lifestyle was connected to her murder.

“She absolutely didn’t deserve what happened to her that night,” said Lehn.

After months and no credible information, Lehn released a public service announcement detailing Wright’s murder. What we know about Wright is that the 40-year-old was born in Clay County. She was a mother of three and a person that Lehn says didn’t back down from anybody.

Police zeroed in on the borrowed pick-up truck Wright drove the night of her murder, and discovered that it had some damage to a side mirror. Lehn has tried to determine if Wright was in an accident shortly before that shooting. Determining what happened to that side mirror could unravel details in the investigation.

Then there is a rented duplex that sits beside the crime scene. Neighbors say people are constantly moving in and out of the property. It’s unclear if someone there saw anything the night Wright was killed.

Which now leaves Detective Lehn with the question of who.

“She deserves all of our best, she is a human being, she is not a person that caused a lot of problems she didn’t deserve what happened to her,” said Lehn

If you have information in the murder of Angela Wright, you are asked to call Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS (8477) Your tip will remain anonymous.

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