Mayor’s office mistakenly declares day honoring man who killed Cincinnati police officer

(WLWT Photo via CNN)

CINCINNATI, Ohio (WLWT)A “mistake” made in the mayor’s office has led to a controversy involving the death of Officer Sonny Kim.

Mayor John Cranley’s Office said a proclamation was mistakenly stamped declaring a day in the name of Kim’s shooter, TrePierre Hummons, WLWT reported.

Hummons fatally shot Kim in 2015.

The proclamation shows June 1 declared as “Tre Day.”

According to a Facebook post on Fraternal Order of Police President Dan Hils page, the mistake was made by a “just hired” staffer and was not directly signed by Cranley.

Cranley went to the FOP Hall Thursday night and made an emotional apology to the FOP for the mistake.

In a letter sent to Hils, he said, “Please know that I have no idea that this request had been made and would never give permission to issue a proclamation honoring the murderer of Officer Sonny Kim, a true public servant who sacrificed his life while protecting the safety of the citizens of Cincinnati.” Click here to read more of the letter

Hummon’s father, Ronald, sent a proclamation request last week for his son’s birthday.

Cranley said the request discusses child abuse and fighting mental illness, but never mentions TrePierre’s full name.

The request went through two staff members who did not work for the city during Kim’s death and were not familiar with Hummon’s name, Cranley said in the letter.

He said the proclamation was then stamped with his signature without his knowledge and both staffers have expressed extreme regret over the situation.

A note was sent to Ronald from Cranley’s chief of staff saying the proclamation was retracted and that Cranley “will not issue a proclamation that honors the man who murdered” Officer Sonny Kim.

Cranley said in the letter that from here on out, no proclamation will be issued out of his office without his or his chief of staff’s explicit approval.

Hills said Cranley has already apologized to both Kim’s wife and Police Chief Eliot Isaac.

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