Gym Bag Beauty Essentials

Whether you’ve done boot camp, yoga, swim aerobics or anything in between, key factor is to look great pre, during and post-workout.

Shaunya Hartley, Blogger and Beauty Expert, shows us a series of products that help cleanse and hydrate and avoid issues that affect those that exercise such as sweat induced breakouts, sweaty hair, and of course, body odor. Here are the products you should keep in your gym bag to maintain that glow!


  1. Tassi

Price: $8.99,

  1. Pixi by Petra Makeup Melting Cleansing Cloths

Price: $10,

3. Jason Dry Spray Deodorant   Price    $10.99,

  1. MyPainAway Sports Cream   Price: $15.99- $26.99,

  1. Ola Tropical Apothecary’s Deep Sea Body Mist   Price: $10-$22,

  1. Eva Nyc Clean it Up Shampoo Price   $6