Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos visits Indianapolis school

Betsy DeVos spoke in Indy on May 22, 2017. (WISH photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos continues her visit to central Indiana.

DeVos toured Providence Cristo Rey College Prep on the west side Tuesday morning.

She met students, toured some of the classrooms and observed the students’ capstone projects.

Providence Cristo Rey College Prep is part of a national network of private, Catholic high schools that serves economically disadvantaged students. The school participates in the state’s voucher program, a program she highlighted in a speech in Indianapolis Monday night.

Her speech was at the American Federation for Children Summit, an organization that advocates for school choice.

Her speech focused on the Trump administration’s desire to expand school choice, but ultimately to allow individual states to decide.

“If a state doesn’t want to participate, that would be a terrible mistake on their part. They will be hurting the families and children who can least afford it. If politicians in a state block education choice, it means those politicians do not support equal opportunity for all kids,” DeVos said.

In a rally before her speech, the president of the Indiana State Teachers Association voiced concerns about voucher programs not benefiting all students.

“I began my teaching in a parochial school and I have no problem with private and religious schooling. I do have a problem when you’re using my tax dollars — that are supposed to be used for all children — to educate just a few, that’s where the problem lies,” Teresa Meredith said.

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