Speedway neighbors and owners embrace month of May: ‘We live for this!’

(WISH Photo)

SPEEDWAY, Ind (WISH) – Speedway neighbors and business owners take advantage of the joys the month of May brings.

In Speedway, it’s easy to tell what time of year it is. “When you hear the race cars, you know it’s springtime,” Tom Kestler said.

You also know it’s spring when Kestler rolls out decorations at what he calls, “The Race House.” A nickname earned from what’s found throughout.

“After Monday, it’s just a normal house, but for this weekend, it’s a shrine,” Kestler said. IndyCar models, apparel and even appliances. “And this is just the kitchen,” Kestler said.

During May, Kestler takes his passion outside. Whether it’s decorated porch party, or race day parking, where he gets 54 vehicles on his lawn. “It took a lot of years to get to figure it out,” Kestler said.

He’s not alone, many other Speedway neighbors charge. “This whole neighborhood is flooded with cars parking now,” Kestler said.

In Speedway, it’s not just the neighborhoods that catch racing fever. On Main Street, businesses transform this month. At Three Sisters and a Trunk, it’s nothing but checkers.

“Believe it or not, it’s what people look for,” Three Sisters and a Trunk co-owner Toni Meyer said. “Especially in the town of Speedway.”

The checkered theme is also found at Barbecue and Bourbon, where servers dress up, and seats are filled.

“Speedway, we live for this,” Barbecue and Bourbon owner Marcia Huff said. “This is what everyone is all about.”

A place that might test your marriage, where Kestler said his wife had learned to love the racing merchandise. But native Kestler couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

“No. Not in the city,” Kestler said. “Not anywhere. Right here is the place.”

The lawn parking might ruin the grass, but Kestler said it’s worth it. He charges $20 a vehicle, and brings in more than $1,000.

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