Race fans ‘glamp’ despite overnight rain

(WISH Photo)

SPEEDWAY, Ind. (WISH) — Rain this weekend isn’t stopping race fans from camping out at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

People who were “glamping” this weekend say they didn’t let the rain last night impact their plans, and they’re not going to let it impact them the night before race day.

“We are muddy and wet and surviving… we are having a great time,” said Rob Homer, a “glamper.”

Sunshine Saturday wasn’t enough to dry up the mud that was left over from the storm.

“People were talking about their tents feeling like waterbeds while they were walking in them,” said Hal Cardona, a “glamper.”

Campers say they were advised to go wait in their cars while the storm rolled through. Some just waited it out, while others who live in the area went home. One man says even if it storms again on Saturday night or Sunday morning, he’s not leaving IMS until after the race.

“Tonight it is not going to make any difference. We are going to be here, you got to. I mean the gun goes off, we get the cannon, it is awesome. It is the Indy 500 — what do you expect?” said Cardona.

IMS will alert fans to any severe weather in multiple ways. They will use a PA system, their mobile app and social media accounts.

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