Film shot in Indiana, featuring a mostly Hoosier cast, is released

It’s a short film produced right here in Indiana and set with a cast and crew who hail mostly from the Hoosier state. Alex Faurote, Editor, “Sarge the Movie,” and Glenn Pratt, Producer, “Sarge the Movie,” explain what it was like to make a movie about a WWII vet with dementia and PTSD, plagued by visions of a GI war buddy.


  • Produced by DWA Healthcare Communications Group, which helped give the film a medically sound portrayal of the patient
  • Likewise, consulted with military experts to make sure we were accurate
  • Emotionally speaks to a number of audiences, including war vets, people afflicted with dementia, people who live in a skilled nursing facility, or loved ones of any of the above
  • Award winning in the festival circuit (best drama at the St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase and best music at the Reading International Film Festival)

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