Bee hives in Broad Ripple vandalized

A local group in Broad Ripple wants people to think twice about the chemicals they may use on their yards. (WISH photo)

BROAD RIPPLE,Ind. (WISH) — The bee hives located on the Public Greens garden space in Broad Ripple have been vandalized.

It happened around 10 p.m. last Thursday. Public Greens captured the two men on surveillance video. They can be seen poking at the bee hives multiple times before running away. The vandals, they also stole produce from the garden.

The vandals caused one of the hives to swarm away. Bees will swarm naturally in the spring time when they’re healthy and ready to split in two. It’s not as natural when the bees feel uncomfortable and stressed out when someone messes with or rocks the hive. They can become stressed out and leave to find a new home.

That is a big problem because the bees help to pollinate plants in the garden.

The hives are run by Bee Public, which is a group dedicated to educating the public about the decline in honeybees. They also use Public Green spaces to help with the mission.

Earlier in the month, WISH-TV covered a story about how the organization was at work to help the honeybees.

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