Mooresville man breaks into home as woman sleeps; neighbors catch him on camera

(Provided Photo/Morgan County Jail)

MOORESVILLE, Ind. (WISH) — A thief in Mooresville is caught on camera snooping around in people’s cars and in one case, getting into a woman’s house.

It happened a week ago at the Grandview Estates subdivision near 144 and 67 in Mooresville.

The video shows a man approaching a pickup truck then walking away. Police arrested 19-year old Tyler Johnson. They caught him after the woman found one of his shoes in her garage, along with a blanket she says he moved from inside her house to the garage. The arrest has neighbors on their toes.

Grandview Estates is the type of subdivision where neighbors take pride in their yards. The biggest problem usually comes in the form of webbed feet from the lake. It’s a place that keeps senior citizen sisters, Barbara and Margaret who live together, busy.

“We like to piddle in the yard, and we’ve planted a lot of things, and we take pride in the yard,” said Margaret Polley.

But the serenity of the community was shaken up when a neighbor caught a suspect wandering around on camera. The video shows him trying to get inside a truck. The doors are locked, so he moves on. Police say he was able to break into four cars, stealing things like prescription medications and a purse. But, perhaps more disturbing, police say he broke into a home. The homeowner had left her garage door cracked. According to police, he slid through and then got inside her house. The woman’s dog woke her. She spotted the man in her laundry room, and he ran off.

Polley said, “I keep my car in the garage, but from now on, I’ll keep the garage closed when I’m not in it.”

Barbara White added, “Oh wow. He got under that little bitty space? Wow. That’s pretty scary.”

Later that day, police arrested Johnson. He lives in the same subdivision. They say he admitted to the thefts and breaking into the woman’s home. Johnson’s arrest served as a wake-up call for the sisters.

“Normally we don’t worry too much. But now that we hear that, we’ll be more cautious,” said White.

Prosecutors charged Johnson with burglary, residential entry, unauthorized entry of a motor vehicle and theft.

He is currently being held in the Morgan County Jail.

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