Dog rescued from tree in Kentucky

Rocco, a dachshund, peeks his head through the trunk of a tree in Salem, Ky., on June 1, 2017. (Kentucky State Police via AP)

SALEM, Ky. (AP) — Is that a bird in the tree? A cat? No, it’s Rocco the dog, who had to be rescued by firefighters when the small dachshund got stuck inside a tree trunk.

Rocco stands with his owner Tammy Reed on June 1, 2017 in Salem, Ky. (Kentucky State Police via AP)

Authorities say two off-duty Kentucky state troopers were mowing a cemetery in Salem on Thursday when they heard a dog barking. They looked around for several minutes, and finally, they found the pooch — trapped inside the tree.

Apparently Rocco had climbed into a nearby hole dug by a groundhog and found his way up through the tree trunk. That’s where he became stuck.

A firefighter came out and cut part of the tree, safely freeing Rocco.

The opening in the tree is now big enough Rocco — if he dares go on another adventure like that.

Salem is about 150 miles southwest of Louisville, Ky.

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