Dozens rally downtown, call for end to violence in Indianapolis

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – The family of a teen who was shot and killed is calling for change.

Dijon Anderson was a Warren Central senior who died from injuries in a shooting that killed another student and injured another teen.

His family and friends were downtown on Saturday, taking part in a rally, calling for an end to violence in Indianapolis.

“There are total strangers out here that are supporting each other, that have lost loved ones or just want to prevent one of their loved ones from being a victim of this violence,” said Christa Frazier, Dijon Anderson’s mother.

Frazier said Dijon had a bright future and dreams of playing football in the NFL. She said she never thought she would lose him to gun violence.

“If we don’t stand and take our streets back and work together as a community, it can happen. It can happen to you, just as, well, it happened to me,” said Frazier.

Community involvement was one of the main messages at the rally.

“We need to take some responsibility for the welfare of our communities by proactively stopping the violence in our own scope of influence,” said Dominic Dorsey, president and founder of Don’t Sleep. Don’t Sleep is an organization that aims to raise awareness and fight against social injustice.

“If we become a community where we know people, and we are talking to individuals that we see on a regular basis, that creates a community where we won’t let crime stand. We won’t let violence stand, and individuals will know that that type of behavior is not welcome here,” said Dorsey.

Activists, government leaders and kids all spoke at the rally. Dijon’s classmates and friends say they want to use his death as a driving force for change.

“Instead of fighting each other, putting a gun on each other, we need to talk it out and listen to your mom,” said one of his friends.

“It starts with help, healing and hope,” said another.

They say rallies like this are a good place to start, and they hope their message spreads throughout the city.

The leader of the rally also talked about the need for people who have information about crimes to come forward. They say those responsible for violent crimes need to be held accountable.

So far, no one has been arrested in the murder of Dijon Anderson.

If you have any information about this case, call Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.

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