Franklin Township mom beaten in front of her children during robbery

A Franklin Township mom was hurt in a robbery at a home in Indianapolis' Franklin Township on June 3, 2017. (Photo Provided Via Facebook)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A violent home invasion left a Franklin Township mom bruised and battered. The woman said it went on for hours, right in front of her children.

It happened on Meckes Lane near East Thompson Road and South Arlington Avenue. The victim asked that we not publish her name, but said she did not know the robbers. She believes they either knew of her, or that they had the wrong address because they asked repeatedly, “Where’s the money?”

It is money she didn’t have, but still paid a heavy price for.

Dustin Hittle sat comfortably inside his brother’s home, unaware that across the street a young woman was being terrorized.

“I just couldn’t believe it happened that night when we’re just sitting right here watching TV. I just couldn’t believe that was going on. That’s wild to me,” he said.

The victim’s left eye is black and blue, nearly swollen shut. She did not want to go on camera, but did pass along some troubling photos. But perhaps more troubling is how she got like that to begin with.

“She just looked real scared and nervous and her eye was swollen shut, like where they beat her. She just looked really scared and wanted to find out help,” Hittle said.

The robbery started Saturday night and went on for about four hours into Sunday morning. Later that day, the victim approached Hittle to tell him what happened.

She said it started with a knock on the door. She answered, and the suspects asked for James. She told them they had the wrong home and sent them on their way. She felt uneasy, so she locked the door and grabbed her phone to call 911. But, it was too late. They kicked open her door, demanded money and immediately began beating her with their gun. Her 6-year-old son was nearby.

Over the next few hours she said she was in and out of consciousness. They tied her wrists together in front of her, so she could still care for her 6-month-old baby. She says they ransacked her home, and even forced her 6-year-old son to help show them where everything was.

“It just scared me for my kids, to be honest with you. Because my kids are in here as well. I just was nervous for them. Somebody broke into my house and held us for ransom, that’d be crazy,” Hittle said.

The victim said the suspects even got into her attic, which collapsed. She said they eventually surrendered. One of the suspects allegedly broke down into tears, admitting they had the wrong home. He said he had robbed her to help his mom who has cancer.

In the end, they forced her upstairs and demanded that she count to 500 so they would have time to get away. They left with electronics, jewelry, shoes, keys to all of their vehicles and her boyfriend’s truck. He was not home at the time.

Hittle can no longer sit comfortably knowing what happened just across the street. “I just kept looking at the door. If anyone came up that I didn’t know, I sure wasn’t going to let them in. I told my kids the same thing. Just keep the door locked.”

Police found the stolen truck, but the suspects are still at large. If you have any information that could help in this investigation, call Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana at 317-262-TIPS.

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