Fidget spinners distract in classrooms, educators say

Fidget spinners are displayed May 11, 2017, at the Funky Monkey Toys store in Oxford, Mich. The 3-inch twirling gadgets are taking over classrooms and cubicles and are more easily found at convenience stores and gas stations than a big toy chain. (AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – The latest toy craze is making waves in schools everywhere.

Though fidget spinners are on the top of every kid’s wish list, teachers are searching for a way to keep them out of the classroom.

Heather DeFer, behavioral consultant for Ottawa Area Intermediate School District, and Amy Chesley, occupational therapist for Zeeland public schools, talked about the distraction of fidget spinners.

DeFer said that many students have fidget spinners above their desk during class time, which both distracts from the teacher’s relationship with the students and interferes with learning. In response to this problem, Chesley introduced some alternative options to help kids keep their brains engaged such as wiggle seats, Hokki stools and gum.

If students do choose to bring their fidget spinner to school, DeFer recommends they know what the classroom expectations are first.

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