Injured driver talks about Indiana’s ‘Move Over’ law

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LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — A Lafayette tow truck driver hopes the story of his near-death experience opens the eyes of those driving past him, and why he feels Indiana’s “Move Over” law isn’t working.

With his back to traffic, tow truck driver Matthew Isacs can never be certain.

“You’re trying to get things strapped. You’re trying to get the car secure,” he said. “I’m always checking over my shoulder to make sure that they actually did see me and are actually moving over and acknowledging that I’m there.”

Isacs said it’s happened before.

“It definitely could have taken my life,” he said.

The incident occurred about a month ago.

“They hit me and proceeded to keep on going,” Isacs said.

With injuries to his hip and shoulder, Isacs made it out lucky.

“It’s upsetting,” he said. “I have children at home. I have a wife. A lot of us in this profession have families.”

Driver Danuel Denhum admitted he doesn’t think twice when he speeds past tow truck drivers.

“I’m not going to lie, no,” Denhum said.

24-Hour News 8’s sister station News 18 asked him why he thinks he does it.

Denhum replied, “It’s not like ambulance or police, where you have to pull over.”

However, that’s where a lot of people are mistaken.

Indiana does include tow trucks in its Move Over law. It requires the driver to either change lanes or reduce speed to 10 miles under the posted speed limit.

“We have to follow this law, follow this rule, so everyone can make it home safe,” Isacs said.

After meeting Isacs and seeing the number of vehicles speeding past him as he worked to tow a broken down car, Denhum has a new perspective.

“Yeah, it’s totally different. I’ll definitely slow down now,” said Denhum.

Isacs wants to see a day where his family doesn’t have to worry whether he’ll come home safe.

“I’m hoping, that’s my biggest hope,” he said. “But I don’t think there will be.”

The Move Over law covers emergency and utility vehicles, which include construction and tow trucks.

Police said officers will be looking for people violating the law this summer as more construction projects get underway.

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