Anti-Sharia law march downtown draws counter protest

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Marches against Sharia law happened in nearly two dozen cities across the country — including Indianapolis.

Sharia law is a group of Islamic principles that govern the moral and religious lives of its followers.

The organization who put together the nationwide marches — ACT for America — says Sharia law goes against Western democracy.

Protesters in Indianapolis were on Washington Street, and organizers say the march is about fighting for human rights, rather than against Muslims.

“I’m here to support women. Sharia law is about domination of women. Muslim men are taught from a young age that women are dirty, women are evil, women are too sexy, women are wrong. They want to totally dominate women,” said one protester.

The marches in Indianapolis and in many other cities were met with counter marches, with people standing up in support of Muslims, saying the anti-Sharia marches created a distorted view of Muslims.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate groups, calls ACT for America one of the largest anti-Muslim groups.

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