Carmel firefighting brothers follow in father’s, grandfather’s footsteps

(WISH Photo)

CARMEL, Ind. (WISH) — There is a family of firefighters that is made up of four generations of firefighters, including three generations of Carmel firefighters.

Jim Martin runs the Carmel Fire Buff’s Museum. He joined the Carmel Fire Department in the 1960s, along with his brother and dad. His career lasted 36 years. He was assistant chief from 1970 to 1996.

His kids spent a lot of time at the fire station, so it may come as no surprise that his son, Rick, joined the Carmel Fire Department when he was 21. The job was made easier by the fact that his brother, David, had joined the year before.

“We grew up here in this firehouse and kind of always thought about the fire service then when I had the opportunity to, when my father asked me, I jumped on it,” David said.

“I’m glad to be able do that and keep on the tradition of the Martin family,” Rick said.

“Oh man, you can’t describe it, it just gets you in here, feeling proud, somebody carrying on. I say I was real proud to pin the pin on them, the badge,” Jim said about his sons.

Jim’s grandson and David’s son, David, is also a firefighter in Cicero.

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