Annessa’s Just One Thing: The Perfect Mid-Morning Snack

Hi, I’m Annessa, RD with your health tip for the week. This is just ONE THING for us to focus on that will have a powerful impact.  This week, make it your focus to have a healthy fat as a snack.
It’s important that you measure it, have it ready and with you whether it’s out on the counter at home, or in a snack bag at work.

I have the perfect healthy fat for you to use and it’s peanuts! 1/4 cup peanuts gives you 3 grams of fiber, 10 grams of protein, and 17 grams of heart-healthy fat that will help keep you full.  Not only that, they also contain CoQ10, the nutrient that helps you use energy. In fact, peanuts are one of the only plant sources of CoQ10.

Everyday this week measure out 1/4 cup. Put them in a little bag so you can take health with you! Buy them raw (so they don’t have added oil), and then roast them yourself, just make sure you eat them! Every single mid morning this week.

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