Cross-country women’s aviation race makes stop in central Indiana

(WISH Photo)

HANCOCK COUNTY, Ind. (WISH) — Soaring to new heights, a group of women prove that when it comes to their dreams; the sky is the limit.

The 41st annual Air Race Classic kicked off Tuesday morning. It’s a women’s aviation race that draws participants from all over the country.

The more than 2,600 mile race took off in Frederick, Maryland. Participants stopped at the Indianapolis Regional Airport to fuel up, then headed to Iowa for the night.

The race wraps up in Santa Fe, New Mexico on Friday. There are more than 100 pilots who make up 54 teams, including a duo from Purdue University. The youngest participant is 17 and the oldest is 90.

The Air Race Classic has been going on since 1929 when Amelia Earhart and 19 other women flew from California to Ohio.

Indy Jet General Manager Ryan Maxfield said the race isn’t just a measurement of speed.

“Some are actually a lot faster than others. So, it wouldn’t be fair to time them on just time. They are actually measured by a matrix of how accurately they calculate their time and route and how accurately they calculate how much fuel they burn,” Maxfield said.

Purdue University won in 2010.

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