5 steps to organize matter and create divine order

Organize, Reduce, Designate, Establish and Re-evaluate. It’s all about establishing ORDER within your home, yourself and the environment around you! Learn more about the Walk the Talk Speaker Series with Richard Brendan, Co-Founder, Walk the Talk Speaker Series, and Professional Organizer Barbara Bougher.

5 Steps to organize the matter and create Divine ORDER©:

o Organize everything by category

o Reduce, reuse, recycle

o Designate a home and containerize as appropriate

o Establish a maintenance routine

o Re-evaluate systems periodically and adjust as necessary

To learn more, visit www.divineorderforlife.com or www.walkthetalkseries.com & on Facebook – Walk The Talk Speaker Series.

Walk the Talk Speaker Series: Life’s Purpose

June 28, The Vogue, 7:15 p.m.