88-year-old Franklin woman describes being duct taped, held at gunpoint during robbery

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FRANKLIN, Ind  (WISH) — Only on WISH-TV, the Franklin woman who was duct taped and robbed at gunpoint, along with her husband is talking about what went on inside her home.

In a video deposition, both the prosecution and defense questioned 88-year old Ella Dixon. Authorities say Reese Keith ended up at her house, after he was let out of custody with the Greenwood Police Department.

Ella and her husband, 90-year-old Clayton Dixon’s love story was heinously interrupted.

“I said, ‘we’re having our 70th anniversary next month.’ I said ‘you sure wouldn’t kill an old man; ninety. At least let us have our anniversary,'” Dixon said.

The Franklin couple had been running errands; a trip to the beauty shop and pharmacy. They were home by 4 p.m. on May 15.

“We opened the door and walked in. Instead of the dog being there, this man was there,” she said.

Police say that man was Keith, who had left Johnson Memorial Hospital in a gown with an IV and monitor still attached. They believe he crossed the street to the Dixon’s neighborhood.

Ella says Keith found his way to their home, slept in one of her cars, then shattered a basement window and got inside her house. Once inside she believes he changed out of the gown and into her husband’s clothes. She said he grabbed one of their guns. As they walked in, he pointed it at them she said. Pictures show the duct tape used to restrain them; Ella to her walker and Clayton to a chair.

“Then he taped my husband’s arms to the chair. Then he taped his legs and then he taped my hands to the arms of my chair; the seat of my walker and then taped my legs,” she said.

Clayton, a World War II veteran, fought back, according to Ella, “I was begging my husband, sit down because I was afraid he’d shoot him.”

This went on for about 30 minutes, enough time for Ella to talk to the suspect, “He told us that he was on drugs. He said somebody was after him,” she said.

Eventually, the suspect left. But the memory didn’t. Ella says her husband, in a state of confusion, called police days after the attack.

“He called the police to our house. He told them that our son broke into our house with two guns,” Ella said.

But it wasn’t their son. Ella says Clayton suffers from dementia and was traumatized by the home invasion.

“He said he wanted a divorce, after 70 years. I knew that wasn’t him talking,” she said.

Days after, her husband was taken to a medical facility in Anderson, where he remains. “I’ve called everyday almost, every evening to see how he is doing,” she said.

With treatment, he’s improving. Ella is optimistic that he’ll get to come home soon. The Dixon’s are stopping at nothing to make sure their love story has a happy ending.

“Eventually, he did call and he had forgotten the incident. He said he loved us,” Ella said.

The Dixon’s celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary last week. Ella received roses which sit on table in her living room.

Richmond police arrested Keith on May 20. He was transported to the Johnson County Jail, where he is awaiting trial. Keith’s trial is set to begin on October 3.

Hours before the robbery, Greenwood Police arrested Keith. They say he caused an accident and ran from the scene. As they were transporting him to jail, he suffered a drug related seizure, police say. Keith continued to have seizures, and after going back and forth between the jail and hospital, police released Keith from custody at the hospital.

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