Business headlines: oil prices, new Eli Lilly biotech center

Oil rig. (Screenshot from video/WISH)

NEW YORK (WISH) — Oil prices could be impacted as Tropical Storm Cindy swirls in the Gulf of Mexico.

Energy workers have been forced out of the Texas-Louisiana coastline. The storm already shut one-sixth of the oil production in the Gulf of Mexico and halted vessel unloadings at major oil-import terminals.

Careers in oil and gas

The bright minds of tomorrow are pursuing careers in high tech instead of companies like Exxon Mobil.

According to a survey of 1,200 young Americans released this week by EY, 62 percent of teens ages 16 to 19 say a career in oil and gas is unappealing. That includes 39 percent who say the industry is very unappealing. The findings suggest big oil’s environmental challenges and boom-to-bust nature have created a negative stigma that will make it difficult to attract talent in the future.

New Eli Lilly biotech center

Eli Lilly & Co. has unveiled its new $90 million biotech center in San Diego. That city is a hot bed of biotech companies and research. Lilly says the center will help foster and accelerate the discovery of new medicines to treat diabetes, cancer, immunology and pain.

Clooney’s tequila business sold

Some people have all the luck. Not only is George Clooney a famous and handsome movie star, but he also just sold his tequila business for $1 billion.

International beverage giant Diageo was the buyer.

Twitter news

Twitter shares jumped on a bright outlook for advertising. Cleveland Research said advertisers had the most positive things to say about marketing on Twitter in two years. They liked the user growth and the live content.

Stock market

Stocks ended mostly lower as oil slumped again. Energy stocks led the losses. The Dow fell 57 points Wednesday.

But what a day for biotech stocks. They had the best day this year on reports of deregulation.

Swanky Zionsville

What is the swankiest ZIP code in Indiana? and Zillow wanted to find out the most expensive housing ZIP code in every state. In Indiana, it was 46077, the home of Zionsville. The median home value there was $324,000.

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