Local designer explains why you shouldn’t underestimate the power of interior design in your home

Design is all about the human experience, happiness, and well-being. Just ask Interior Designer with Axis Architecture & Interior Design, Kathleen Lemaster! Kathleeen says interior design is a powerful tool, yet so many times it’s misunderstood, trivialized, and underestimated. She says it is dismissed as superficial or marginalized into ‘hot trends’ and HGTV shows.


  • Interior Design as the ‘Frame for Life.’ This concept is taken from Isle Crawford. The design starts with the human experience, prioritizes our well-being, and enhances our humanity.
  • Tips to create a backdrop for the people and the life that will take place there.
  • How can the space have more meaning? How can it have atmosphere? How can it have character? How can it engage and stimulate?

All these examples are ways to make the design process more authentic.

It’s not about a perfectly curated design featuring the latest trends combined with a furniture grouping from Restoration Hardware or West Elm or fill in the blank.

These types of spaces lack depth and personality. They feel sterile and never reflect the people that live there.

It’s more about creating a solid foundation that will serve as a backdrop, a frame for life, for items that have meaning.  Have a story.

The furniture pieces fit our needs. The flow works around how we use the house. The artwork and accessories are items which have taken years to accumulate, with most having a story or a memory associated with it. Some things are just items I found at Target or Home Goods that I saw, and immediately was drawn to. It’s very eclectic and doesn’t fit into any one category or trend, but it all works together because it’s authentic.” – Kathleen

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